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I would not recommend purchasing tires from Tire Rack. I've bought tires online and was satisfied. But for the first time I went to the store and the staff was less than helpful.

They finally go tires for my truck. Then the next day I noticed the front tires were wider than the back and when I took it back they said there was nothing they could do. Since I drove on them I would have to purchase a new set if I wanted them replaced.

In the last 3 years I had spent almost $3000 on tires with them and they did nothing to help me when they messed up. I will never buy tires from them again. In fact the following day my brother was going to get tires but he went to Sears instead.

I am extremely disappointed in Tire Rack, no regard for the costumer, only out to make a profit.


Monetary Loss: $800.

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Did you mount the tires or did a tire shop do it for you?

If a tire store received and mounted these tires for you and then sent you on your way with a mismatched set of tires, then I would confront that tire store for a solution and threaten a lawsuit (depending on your state's laws).

If you received the wrong tires and then mounted them yourself without checking them first... well then, your mistake is your responsibility.

The wrong merchandise gets shipped and delivered to people each and every day.

This is why you check your deliveries before signing for them.

If a tire shop received those tires directly from and had noticed the mismatched set before mounting them, then would have been responsible for correcting the shipment. If a tire shop took delivery of these tires and then mounted them on to your vehicle without noticing the different sizes or bringing this fact to you attention, then the tire shop is negligent and ultimately responsible.

If, however, you took delivery of the tires and either mounted them yourself or took them to a tire store or garage for mounting, then the fault lies with you. once you use them they are used tires and has no further obligation for correcting the misorder.

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